Instructions for Outdoor Worship Service during Coronavirus



  • Everyone ages 2 and older is being asked to wear a mask. You may take off your mask when you are settled in your seats since the chairs will be spaced at least 6’ apart. (Persons going to the microphone can take off their mask to speak).

  • Bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on the grass

  • Keep social distance from people that you don’t live with.

  • Bring water to drink if the weather is hot.


Before worship begins:

  • A table will be set up with the following items:

    • Communion cup/wafer in a basket for each person.

    • Basket for your weekly offering (or mail offering to the church).

    • Hand sanitizer.

  • Children: your bags (including a new coloring book) will be in a basket for you to pick up
    before the worship service. Please return it at the end of the service.

  • Anyone who contracts COVID-19 and was at an in-person church activity must report it to Pastor Dawn immediately after diagnosis.

  • Names of everyone present will be recorded for contact tracing purposes if an outbreak should occur.



  • Sharing Time: Please go forward to the microphone if you have something to share. Please DO NOT touch the microphone.

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID19.

  • Physical contact (handshakes and hugs) with others is discouraged. Instead, creative, distanced, non-physical greetings are encouraged.

  • The bathrooms will be open inside the church. This is the only reason to enter the church building.

  • We will cancel the service if there is a threat of rain. An email notice will be sent out by 5 p.m. The worship service will then be held by zoom at 7 p.m.

  • We will not be singing during this service. Thank you to Glenda Gingrich for providing music for our worship.

  • We will not be handing out bulletins. Please print the bulletin if you want one for the worship service.


If you are not ready to meet in person, that is perfectly fine, and we encourage you to attend through zoom.

  • The service will be videoed through zoom for people who are unable to attend. You will be able to watch the worship service.

  • Email Pastor Dawn if you would like to attend through zoom:

    ​Have something to share: Email me by 6 p.m. on Sunday with what you would like to have shared.

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